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3 days 23 hours

Two days after the (in)famous blue Monday there is something we’d like to share with you in hope that it will brighten your day, or at least leave you interested. Here comes a development blog...

5 days 4 min

Our current democratic models are crumbling and outdated. We need to make something more real and meaningful. Activist and politician Birgitta Jónsdóttir points to how it might be...

1 week 2 days

A few new/old MPs in the PA of BH, shortly after being elected, have found a common stand over their “priority goals”. Although the government at the state level has not yet been established,...

1 month 3 days

Bosnian people are deeply divided on a lot of issues in regards to their country. Constitutional changes, healthcare system, taxation and even education all seem to be the topics on which the...

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3 days 23 hours

The 4-week course brings together a diverse range of experts to provide students with a comprehensive overview of citizen engagement.

The World Bank has partnered with the London School of Economics (LSE), Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Participedia, three leading institutions in the Citizen Engagement field, to collaborate on the design and facilitation of this course.


3 days 23 hours

Samuel Cox- a designer from the UK with a vision to bring digital to the physical world has created a small box that can help in getting real data about air pollution.

Breathe is a connected device and smartphone app that enables the user to deal with the invisible nature of air pollution. It does this by giving the tools to understand the quality of the air we breath and to adapt lifestyle for a healthier way of living.

4 days 22 hours

Open Data Institute has just published an article about the development of open data policies and portals in the Arab World. Read the report here.

2 weeks 4 days

TheCityFix shows varaiety of means for including citizens in cities development. The example of urban mobility planning from Brasil and more general overview of participatory planning gives good introduction to the topic.


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Are you making an open data based app

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The initiative was launched by Neelie Kroes' Young Advisors with the support from

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The aim of this text is to present the most important aspects of FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source) licensing, show how various licenses differ, and prove that free access to technical advancements is...

By Grzegorz Młynarski

The most popular definition of data describes it as everything which is or may be processed by a brain or a computer.

When working with data, data visualisation techniques can be used in two different ways: - for analysing or making sense of a dataset (visual analysis); - for communicating some...

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