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21 hours 58 min

The first day of POINT 4.0 conference will be dedicated to the promotion of openness of public data in the Western Balkans. Thus, on May 20 in the Hotel Europe Data Advocacy Day will be held. It...

1 week 17 hours

Civil society organizations conference POINT 4.0, organized by CA Why not? from Sarajevo is going to happen from 20th to 24th May in Sarajevo. As always, it will be a gathering of leading regional...

3 weeks 4 days

Yesterday we started the second workshop in the course of the Data Academy project. This time cooperating more closely with the Center for Democratic Transition (...

3 weeks 5 days

In September 2014, Paraguay became the hundredth country in the world that has adopted a law on freedom of information,  guaranteeing the citizens the right to request information held by...

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23 hours 4 min

mwazna is the Arabic for "state budget" and it's the name of a new platform which lets citizens to monitor the income and spending of the Egyptian government. Read more about the platform here.

4 weeks 17 hours

Budgets are boring, right? All those columns and rows can also be very incomprehensible. That's why we need tools to help us understand them better. Check out this funky approach from Romania.

1 month 1 day

Visualize Illegal Dumping in Gjakova with the latest data visualization platform from Open Data Kosovo! Use the map to build heatmaps and superimpose illegal dumping sites with garbage truck routes. It's time to clean Gjakova!

1 month 2 days

A lot of fake news are usually fabricated during wartime. StopFake tries to identify fake news in Ukraine and thus make media coverage more credible.

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The aim of this text is to present the most important aspects of FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source) licensing, show how various licenses differ, and prove that free access to technical advancements is...

By Grzegorz Młynarski

The most popular definition of data describes it as everything which is or may be processed by a brain or a computer.

When working with data, data visualisation techniques can be used in two different ways: - for analysing or making sense of a dataset (visual analysis); - for communicating some...

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