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Meet the Balkan Challenges winners!

After long weeks of soliciting ideas, confronting them with the public, intensive coding and the final round of voting we are pleased to announce the winners of the Balkan Challenges. Last night we put an end to a week-long public voting process. Thank you for all your support and...  cliks! See (and admire) the list of the winning projects.

Please meet those from Bosnia and Herzegovina:


and Serbia:


Feel welcome to browse through their applications, read short descriptions and last, but not least -- check out their websites and apps, give them your feedback and... use them maybe?

Congratulations to all of the finalists teams and thanks to the community for the support.

The website did experience attacks from fake boot accounts and many projects recevied fake votes. We studied the list of votes carefully and after switching the voting off, we examined and cleared fake votes. If you are interested in the final voting number for all the finalists, please see the list below.

Stay tuned for the further updates because these projects will grow.



Centar 72; 678

Šta se može uraditi?; 622

EkoVizija; 498


Građanin - istraživač; 140

Banjaluka bez cenzure; 88


Bordi Studimor; 710

Ttaram; 558

Better Community; 511; 317; 188

StopSmoking!; 154

People and Memories Talk; 137


NIŠ 2.0; 414

Re-E-Lekcija; 382

OBJEKTIVno bolje; 371

Prostor mapiraj, društvo aktiviraj; 366


Hendi date; 53

(G)RUPA; 51


The picture used for this blog post belongs to public domain and has been found on FLICKR.


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06/25/2013 - 13:27


Written by Alicja Peszkowska