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Lost Money?

Our online platform offers a comprehensive image of the manner in which public funds are spent and offers information and tools for participating in the national and local budgetary decision-making process.


Bribe Market

Anonymous online reporting -- people send in information about how much they (don't) pay, for what, where, and to whom, as well as to what extent they were satisfied with services rendered and/or the situation;  other users may browse this information, in order to find the institution that may solve their problem either for no bribe at all, or with the lowest bribe possible for that specific vicinity and specific matter.

Map of Logging

The MAP is a project that promotes responsible and transparent forest management in Romania. It encourages Romanians to report forest cuts and make public any cases of irresponsibility or corruption in managing one of our national best natural resources – wood.


Lack of Treatment

Medical personnel, patients and their families are able to report stock-outs of medication on our site. We verify the stock-outs and then report them publicly and to the responsible authorities.